Where to Buy Super Bowl Tickets

You have more choices, of course, but these are by far the two best for two different reasons.

The Super Bowl is an extremely popular event that most football fans would love to attend due to the fact that it is the last game to a long season and it is always a history-making event especially for an underdog winning. There are so many people that pay high prices in order to be at the game no matter where their seats were located at within the venue that the game is going to be held.

Most people buy Super Bowl tickets right when they go on sale in order to make sure that they have them and are able to attend the game but there are also a lot of people that purchase the tickets in order to make a huge profit off of the ticket prices. Depending on where your seating is will depend on the amount of money that you pay at the beginning but in the end, the worse seats in the stadium could end up costing much more than the best seats did and this is simply due to those people that resell the tickets that they bought to people who couldn’t get regular tickets and will pay a large amount to anyone selling theirs.

Cheapest Super Bowl Tickets 2017

As of January 14th 2017, the cheapest 2017 Super Bowl tickets are up for sale at $4,480, that is a hike from $3,610 at the start of November 2016. It is no surprise that the cheapest Super Bowl tickets are for the seats furthest from the field, which are called Upper Level End zone seats. As the quality of the seats increase so do the prices. For example the Lower End Zone seats are listed for sale for $5,500 (which obviously has slowly been increasing in price). The best seats for the Super Bowl, the 100 level premium seats range between the 30-yard line and 50-yard line are listed for $9,576+.

TicketCity ticket prices (as of today January 14, 2017) starts from $3984 for the Upper End Zone, $4169 for the upper level sideline and the price could go as high as $267,398 for the suite. The location alone is king and a major determinant of price in real estate seat location. They would be my recommendation for the cheapest Super Bowl tickets.


You can also buy your ticket directly from the official NFL TicketExchange by TicketMaster. Getting it from them doesn’t mean you will get the ticket at a cheaper rate but you will also have assurance that your tickets are genuine. With the Super Bowl ticket demand far outpacing supply, counterfeit Super Bowl tickets are always a real problem for football fans everywhere, so the added peace of mind when buying from NFL TicketExchange even makes the ticket more valuable. Super bowl tickets are also available for bid on different websites that are licensed by NFL.

Super Bowl Tickets 2017 for Super Bowl 51 are available now but will be running out as we get closer to the Super Bowl. And, as Super Bowl 51 gets closer you can certainly expect inventory and option prices to increase.

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