This Finish This Fight video series has been amazing!

“You have to be relentless!” “When you’re hungry, you don’t care about the critics…”

I don’t know about y’all but I can’t wait for this game on Sunday night! Its going to be a true show of what we’ve got in this team.

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I was really busy yesterday and did not have time to write about how excited I am for this team. It’s been two days and I still cannot calm my excitement down. This Dallas Cowboys football team is NOT ONLY the real damn deal but also extremely impressive with it’s resiliency. That by itself is priceless. If this is what is to come for many years, then OMG…bring it on!!!

What a shocking victory on Sunday night! I was at a sports bar that had a few haters there and felt what we all felt. It was despair in the fourth quarter. The team played absolutely horrible until the fourth quarter. Dak Prescott was having the worst game of his rookie season. The haters were living it up…until Dak attack came alive in the fourth.

First, we have to give a big shot out to Rod Marinelli and the defense for giving the ‘Boys a chance to come back in the fourth. It was an amazing show of hustle. And Sean Lee…boy oh boy, he killed it. It’s kind of like the team woke up in the fourth quarter. This defense is not getting the props they deserve. Now, this other play may not count as a defensive play but it was an interception saving play. I’m talking about the offensive pass interference by Terrance Williams where Dak almost threw another pick in the end zone. Good save by Williams. This play could easily be called “getting lucky” but was it? This team is playing out of its mind right now so I can’t really call it luck.

Second, I like the risks Jason Garrett is making. In this game Garrett took a couple of risks that if they hadn’t worked, every fan would’ve been all over him. Most likely, asking questions like, “Why the hell would he do that?!?!?!” Well, there you go fans. His conservative play calling is out and his risk taking is paying off. We have seen it in past games. Remember the onside kick that didn’t work against the Redskins. Sometimes we win; sometimes we lose some of those risks. But, look at the payoff in the last game. Two major risks were taken: 1. Chris Jones fake punt and run for 30 yards. 2. 4th and 1 quarterback sneak that lead into game tying drive. This is what we should get to love about Jason Garrett this season because it is working and right now he’s got a team that is ALL IN.

The Eagles threw the kitchen AND kitchen sink at Dak and he definitely felt it. Their defense was confusing him and Dak dealt with it like a most rookies would except for one thing. He didn’t buckle under pressure and instead learned quickly and got his mojo back in time to give the team a chance for a W. There is no denying that this kid is special and I am sure glad he is on our team.

The Cowboys are going to have to deal with some injuries and because of the way the other players have stepped up, I’m not worried ‘bout it. But, I hope to have Mo’ and Church get better soon and make it back sooner than later.

Check out the video below. This is how we True Dallas Cowboys fans all feel. I lost my voice too. LOL.

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 **March 3, 2015 Breaking Additon: Cole Beasley signs 4-year deal with Cowboys.

When team staff of every NFL team thinks about the offseason in the NFL, a few things come to mind – uncertainty, how much money, and the draft. It is no different for this Dallas Cowboys blog.

 Let’s start with all the uncertainty that comes as soon as your team (our Cowboys) is done for the season. The staff and many of us fans are left to wonder who’s leaving, who’s staying, who’s getting paid, and who can the team bring in to help? These are all typical questions and exist at every season’s end. At this moment, all Cowboys fans are mostly wondering about where Demarco Murray will end up and who will replace him? What about Bruce Carter or Justin Durant? What about the cap money? Who can the Cowboys afford to let go and keep? That depends on some factors like, dependability/injury, performance, and need. The draft obviously helps in that department but there is nothing guaranteed with rookies. Most rookies take time to adjust and become NFL players.

 What about what is certain? Let’s look at what the Cowboys have in place that can give fans some peace of mind.

 A coaching staff is in place of mostly the same coaches. Head coach Jason (JG) Garrett is signed on for the next five years and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, who did an excellent job with the defense, is on for the next three years. These coaches, plus, the other coaches who assisted, have to be given lots of credit because they did a great job last season and have built a seriously formidable foundation.

 The ‘Boys have a great quarterback in Tony Romo next season. They just signed Dez “Xman” Bryant for another year by franchise tagging him. Jason Witten is not going anywhere. The O-line has pro bowlers Travis Frederick and Tyron Smith keeping the wall together next season along with rookie pro bowler Zack Martin. Orlando Scandrick is set to play for the ‘Boys again. Sean Lee is set to come back and hopefully be the comeback player of the NFL for 2015. Second year players like Demarcus “D-Law” Lawrence and Anthony Hitchens had some sparks last season and they are both set to make it back and surely have a positive impact.

 So, even though there is always lots of questions and unpredictability for the following season, you can bet that this next season has some concrete support to work with. We can look forward to seeing the lights and fireworks to the next awesome season (and possibly a Super Bowl victory)!



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