The Dallas Cowboys have created an incredible series using the #FinishThisFight hashtag. Here is Dez Bryant. “The touchdowns, the emotions…”. “It’s about the fight of that moment”.

These are the Finish This Fight videos.

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This is one of the best Dallas Cowboys hype video for the playoffs I’ve seen. It has Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith speaking on the 2016-2107 team motto…”#FinishThisFight”.

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Dallas Cowboys News – week July 11 – 16, 2016

Lots of news to catch up on from last week

1. Michael Irvin took some heat for his remarks on J.J. Watt.

2. Is the Dallas Cowboys defense doing something we don’t know about? I hope it’s something more productive with take-aways.

3. There are a few underrated Cowboys on the team that could make a big difference this season.

4. There is very little doubt that Ezekiel Elliot could have a huge rookie campaign behind the best O-line in the NFL.

5. With little depth behind the Cowboys linebacker core, it should not surprise us if there is a reunion with this player.

6. The defensive line has been in need of a rushing attack which makes this article common sense.

7. Dez Bryant is back to pre-injury form! Great news for us!

8. These five players have a great chance of making a huge bounce back season.

9. The Dallas Cowboys were the most valuable franchise in the NFL last year. This year they broke a record by becoming the most valuable sports franchise in all of sports.

10. When you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, you know that the Cowboys are the MOST hated team in the United States. So it’s no surprise when top analysts hate on our team.

11. Numbers alone make Dez Bryant the best Dallas Cowboys wide receiver in the team’s history.

12. Tony Romo and Jason Witten took part in a great charity event for the Dallas Police Department in wake of the terrible shooting and killing of police officers on July 7th.

13. Even though some analysts hate the Dallas Cowboys, they can still find positives about some of the Cowboys team players. MVP of NFC East prediction

14. Should be no surprise here about Tyron Smith. I have an officially signed jersey from him now too! He is a BEAST!


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Dallas Cowboys News week of June 27 – July 1

1. Do the Dallas Cowboys have the deepest wide receiver corp in the NFL? When you look at Dez, Williams, Beasley, Whitehead, and Butler, it gives you a sense of “Yup, we do”. Whitehead and Butler bring dynamic and speed, respectively.

2. How cool would it be to sleep over at AT&T Stadium?!?! About one hundred kids found out.

3. Well, as we all knew before he came on board, Darren McFadden was injury prone. But, he did not sustain anything long-term during the 2015-16 season. This injury actually happened in personal time.

4. Not the best news about rookie LB Jaylon Smith. He was not expected to play in 2016 season at all. But this news makes me think if we’ll ever see him play.

5. Ezekiel Elliott is going to get a lot of carries this season; I’m sure we all know this. If he gets to 300+ though, I can see a strong playoff and Super Bowl run.

6. This was probably the toughest news of the week. Rolando McClain gets suspended…again. The defense is not getting any help unless current players step up. So disappointing.

7. After seeing the news about McClain, I can’t help but wonder if Bringing Hardy back to Dallas is a good idea. At this point, with McClain, Lawrence, and Gregory out for the first four games+, I will understand if the Cowboys decide to bring Greg Hardy back.

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