The Dallas Cowboys have created an incredible series using the #FinishThisFight hashtag. Here is Dez Bryant. “The touchdowns, the emotions…”. “It’s about the fight of that moment”.

These are the Finish This Fight videos.

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X-ecuting The Opposition

Throw Up The X

Throw Up The X

Dez Bryant has been a serious force and threat to every opposing team that has had the displeasure of working against him. He stays passionately focused and ready for each throw that goes his way. The defenses can sense his hunger and Tony loves to feed the flying monster. The rest of the team feeds off his energy and ferocious intensity. Then, to get the fans hyped up after he scores – Throw Up The X! As fans, we get really into his style of play and we love it! 


We know (hope) that he will most likely be a Cowboy his entire career. The current contract situation is not going to be a situation very much longer. Jerry has to pay the man and pay him good (and I’m sure he will). And I’m sure most of us believe that Xman is deserving of huge money. His development from rookie to present day has been a little bit wild but also an awesome transformation. He’s become a great leader on and off the field and his work ethic becomes evident when you watch him play. And have you seen some of his workout routines? The man stays beast mode even off the field.


We could argue easily that he is the best wide receiver in the league and at the very least say he is number two. The only other competition for top two receivers is Calvin Johnson. But, Dez has made some outstanding catches in some incredible situations. He makes it look easy most of the time. But, he has also had some good grabs taken away from him – most recently against Green Bay. But, it is what it is and that’s NFL biz. I can guarantee that he won’t make that mistake again. The sad part is I cannot guarantee the NFL referees won’t.


No matter what, we all cannot wait to see this dude do more of that imposing work to the unlucky defenders. Romo and Dez have a really badass connection and in the new season we will see and hear the lightning and thunder that these two bring together.


Dez Bryant will be helping the Dallas Cowboys X-ecute the opposition.

By: R. Rocha

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