If you haven’t heard of him, this is Dallas Cowboys’ biggest superfan. He literally has a museum…and it’s in his house. His name is Stoney Kirsh and he has thousands of Dallas Cowboys memorabilia all over his house and outside of his house. Wait til you see the city!


This also includes vehicles among other things.

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So, what does it take to be a True Dallas Cowboys fan? You could’ve been born into a Cowboys fan family but, if you were not, here are some suggestions on what it takes to be True to the white, silver, and blue.


  1. Own an old school classic jersey from legendary past players. Player jerseys you could/should have are (one of my all-time favorites) Emmitt Smith (22), Troy Aikman (8), Michael Irvin (88), Roger Staubach (12), Bob Hayes (22), Drew Pearson (88), DeMarcus Ware (94), Jay Novacek (84), Danny White (11), Jim Jeffcoat (77), Ed “Too Tall” Jones (72), Randy White (54), Tony Dorsett (33), “Neion” Deion Sanders (21) and many others.

  2. Own a current player jersey. Players like Tony Romo (9), Dez Bryant (88), Demarco Murray (29), Jason Witten (82), Orlando Scandrick (32), Travis Frederick (72), Tyron Smith (77), Sean Lee (50), Dwayne Harris (17), Zack Martin (70), Barry Church (42), and more.

  3. Own some old school memorabilia (preferably signed if possible) like pictures, ticket stubs, hats, shirts, footballs, or whatever else you can find that has Dallas Cowboys on it.

  4. Show your support daily. I have a Dallas Cowboys wallet that goes with me everywhere. Inside the wallet is a Dallas Cowboys debit card from Bank of America, my Dallas Cowboys United official membership card, and a Dallas Cowboys challenge coin with the star on one side and the helmet on the other. Phone wallpapers and protective cases are another great way to show support daily.

  5. Attend a live home game during the season. The stadium is an awesome sight and you will love it for sure.

  6. As Cowboys fans, we have the most haters in the NFL. So, we will be hated on by other team fans no matter where we go or what we say. But, talking smack to haters can be very fun – have fun with it and always defend the ‘Boys.

  7. Most importantly, roar, howl, whoop loudly wherever you are for America’s Team!

Being a True Dallas Cowboys fan means being there through tough, losing seasons and Super Bowl winning seasons. Currently, it means taking crap from haters about Tony Romo or Jerry Jones or Dez Bryant’s catch and contract situation. It means speaking up and defending the players and ownership even when they’ve said or done things we don’t like. Unless, of course, they hurt someone or something crazy that no one should defend in any case. If they’re on the team, we back them up. And if they’re good, we want them back next season.


One thing is for sure – once you’ve become a True fan, you stay loyal until the end. No matter who the coach, quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or any other player is, we always root for the Cowboys season after season.

No matter what, whether you are an older fan or a newer one, once the season starts, you will be Cowboys geared up and ready to cheer for that famous blue star, America’s Team – the Dallas Cowboys!


Do you have other ideas of what it takes to be a True Dallas Cowboys fan? Leave your ideas in the comments or go to the Facebook fan page and comment there.

 By: R. Rocha


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