Dak Prescott vs Carson Wentz battle is going to be epic for years to come.

It seems like with the timing of all the current news in the NFC East, that something new is happening. Pieces are in place with, what could be considered, the bitterest rivalry in the NFC East of what could be many years of a QB war. No one saw this coming. Here it is. New eras have emerged in two franchises.

Two rookie QBs having great first outings. One playing ONLY division opponents, the other playing non-divisional opponents and probably the two worst teams in the league (one could argue). The comparisons are similar but, of course, the circumstances are different. Buckle up y’all, it’s gonna get good!

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New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys week 1 2016

The first game was loss but we should not be disappointed. Yup, you heard that right. We should not be disappointed. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. But, before we into those reasons, lets look at what went wrong first.

First, the New York Giants prepared for the run attack where Ezekiel Elliott was apparently being used. The Giants, obviously, stacked the box and knew he was coming on most plays. The only exception was the run for a touchdown and a few others but for the most part they saw him coming.

Second, the defense is still hurting and it was a bad showing for them. The pass rush is in desperate need and even the run defense looked like it was in desperation to make a stop. They did have a better third quarter but that was about it. Hopefully, with the new cap money available the Cowboys will address this issue. It would be just a relief to see them make a move to help the defense. It is absolutely needed.

Third, there were too many missed opportunities by the receivers. First Beasley, then Dez, and then Williams at the end. The things that happened in this game will happen in many games but it should not happen as often as it did today. Dez was just off today. Those missed opportunities with the exception of Williams at the end could have all gone for touchdowns but didn’t. Those two TDs would have been the game and would have lead to no problem winning this game. It is what it is and we have to take the losses with the wins.

What was the good in this close but losing effort? Well, for one, did y’all see that dude Dak Prescott? Lol. Dak definitely made his best effort and that kept the Cowboys within reach the entire game. Now, keep in mind, this was his first game against a full-time first defense with blitzes and different combos that he dealt with impressively. He distributed the ball great and made the most of his chances. Yes, some of his throws were over or off but he is a rookie and you can’t take away how good the kid did. The offensive coaches gave him easy to implement plays but he did shoot down the field and that is something to look forward to. Add the fact that his main running back is a rookie and we can say, “This team has great potential ahead”. I see many touchdowns ahead by these two.

Beasley had a great game. He missed a significant possibility for a touchdown in the first quarter but that happens and he made up for it the rest of the game.

Alfred Morris had great game too. He looked more like the feature back than Elliott did. As of now, Morris could be the Cowboys leading rusher if he keeps that kind of grind up.

Jason Witten is the man. He is in tune with Prescott and can still make the necessary plays as long as the ball is placed where it needs to be.

Two rookies are in the backfield of this offense and it still looked decent and kept New York on edge. The Giants along with the rest of the NFC East are always going to go after the Cowboys with their best effort. That’s just the way it is in a division rivalry.

The defense needs help. Bad. Marinelli has his work cut out for him until Lawrence and Gregory get back. Let’s hope they bring in some outside help, preferably some rush help.

The offense will come together and when it does, it is going to be a dangerous force. The coaches will look at tonight’s tape and, hopefully, plan to use Dak and Elliott better. Plus, both of them will improve, as well

For now, let’s hope for the best.


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Here are the highlights


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Tyler Clutts, Cowboys’ former fullback, talks about the current Dallas Cowboys situation.

Clutts was on the team last season and helped Demarco Murray bulldoze through opponent’s defenses in 2014. Today he sits down at Open Mike to talk about the situation at QB and RB and has some great things to say about the team.

Check it out

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