Sadly, I agree with Stephen A Smith on Jerry Jones.

Yes folks. Stephen A. Smith, the biggest Cowboys hater on planet Earth, is on the Dak-wagon. The Dallas Cowboys have a problem that so many teams WISH they had. But, the good thing is that there is no drama about it, as of now.

The biggest issue hanging on the line is…momentum. Do the Dallas Cowboys break it by starting Tony Romo in week 8 if they win against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday? As a fan I say NO! But, if Jerry Jones decides to break it, then we have to deal with it. But, If the Cowboys lose on Sunday, then what? That is the question that will loom if the ‘Boys walk out of Lambeau field with an L.


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“If Dak Prescott can go to Green Bay and beat Green Bay, Dak Prescott should remain the starter.”

The shift towards the Dallas Cowboys’ rookie quarterback is rolling harder than ever. Pundits all over the sports world are starting to clamor about Dak Prescott remaining the QB until he proves otherwise.

I’m not going to deny it, I feel the same way as Shannon put it. If the kid can go into Lambeau field and beat the Pack in their home, then let kid take the reins.


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Wowsers! The Dallas Cowboys are 4-1 for the season and won dominantly today. What do you say when you can see that you have a great team in front of your eyes? The Dallas Cowboys are the real deal and that is, even now, the talk of the league. This team looks much like the 2014 team but with much more potential. We are all going to hear about the Dallas Cowboys all week AND with the continuous debate of Prescott over Romo or Romo over Prescott.

The Dallas Cowboys will have a great problem to deal with in a few weeks but for now let us enjoy the victories.

Ok. Now it gets interesting. The pendulum is swinging in Dak Prescott’s direction right now. I’m sure that we, as fans, are not the only ones that see this. The analysts all over the sports world are going to be all over this tonight and in the morning. Two rookies at QB and RB are making history in a BIG way. Records are being broken. More over, they are making the wins stack up! And that is what counts. This means there is virtually no pressure on the coaching staff to make major adjustments on either side of the ball. This is a great position to be in.


We have to give huge credit to the offensive line. They are giving good defenses a run for their money. Pun intended. On offense, as of tonight, the Dallas Cowboys are at number 2 in total offense. This is largely based on the running game because the passing game is at 21. The passing stat could change if the coaching staff decides to let Prescott test the deep ball. I don’t see that happening until, maybe, after the bye week if they keep him in.

Of course, there were a lot of people out there that thought the Cincinnati Bengals would be way better than they were today and would come out with a definite win. Thankfully the game went in our favor and made the haters eat their words. The Dallas Cowboys are for real and are getting better each week. The next game against the Green Bay Packers is going to be very telling of the Cowboys offensive line, Dak Prescott, and of Ezekiel Elliott because the Packers are actually the number 1 team in rushing defense. If the Cowboys offense can run off numbers like they did against Cincinnati, then the NFL will be put on notice. The Cowboys will pose an undeniable sense of purpose and direction towards the ultimate goal in the NFL that all teams, especially the ones the Cowboys play, will be looking at. I know we, as fans, can feel it and smell it in the air. There will be blood. Lol. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic but I’m rolling with it.


The Cowboys offense is definitely carrying the defense right now and that’s ok but Rod Marinelli’s defense will need to step up once teams can start game planning for Dak and Zeke in a way that takes away the run or the bootleg. Until then, the hustle will have to work. I do have to mention the 4 sacks today. That was a great surprise. Let’s hope we see more of that. For now, the defense is in a comfortable place because the offense takes control and keeps it for the majority of the game. This can keep working as we have all seen before. The 2014 team did this very well. This way of playing is actually what I hope the ‘Boys can rock n roll with for the rest of the season. No matter what, the winning momentum must keep going.

Romeo Rocha



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The debate continues over whether Dak Prescott or Tony Romo should start on week 8.

Only now, it’s getting heated. Not only are the analysts at a crossroads but the fans, too. You can see that in the second video.


The majority on True Dallas Cowboys fans seems to be on the Dak side (you like that Star Wars reference). But, when you zoom out, I’m sure the split is more 50/50.

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The question seeping its way into every Dallas Cowboys fan’s mind is: Should the Cowboys let Dak continue to play after Tony Romo is cleared to play?

Here is the best argument for NO. Let Dak attack!!! I’m not going to lie, I’m very curious what this kid can do from this point forward. I’ll be completely convinced if he busts wins against Cincinnati and Green Bay.

For now, let’s enjoy the continuing rise and ride of our newfound, talented QB.

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