Yes! This is NOT a test haters. This is fact that YOU have to deal with. Lol.

How can I even start here?!?!?! The entire nation knows that these Cowboys are the real damn deal. We are watching some serious history being made right now and I can hardly contain myself. We have to live this up now. As true Dallas Cowboys fans, we understand that this is not the norm on ANY team. Even all the professional analysts are in a total WOW. I don’t blame them. We are all in that state of mind. To think that the best is yet to come is crazy to me. But, it is true. The BEST is yet to come.

Let me first get a shout out for the Pittsburgh game. Wow. Just wow. After that game I thought, “Ok, this is it.” That game was a tipping point. Las Vegas even gave in and finally stopped doubting the ‘Boys with tonight’s game against the Baltimore Ravens by giving them a 7 point win spread. Now, you may not be a betting type but this is a BIG deal. The Cowboys were picked to lose by 3 against the Steelers. Of course, now we all know they won by 5 but still…the numbers don’t lie.

Speaking of numbers, how bout that Ezekiel Elliott?!?! He broke Tony Dorsett’s rookie rushing record today by going over 1,007 yards today. This dude is beastin out of control and STILL, no answer. Baltimore did show it has a beast defense but it was the same ole song and dance today. The NFL knows that this is the hottest team and, basically, the most unstoppable team going, right now.

Dak Prescott cannot be denied. Will not be denied. He is showing much more than poise in the pocket. He is showing the he is here to win. Winning it all is still premature to call but I feel extremely confident in this young’n. The fact that every team in the NFL knows what is coming and still cannot stop it is more than enough evidence to show that team is not ONLY playoff bound but also will some way find a way into the big game. Winning it all is another story but either way, we are witnessing history at a level that no one has ever seen and it is AWESOME!

Shout out to all the haters real quick. I know this is tough for you but just think of the times you gave all us Cowboys fans a tough time. It was great wasn’t it? Ok, back to reality.

Today’s game against the Baltimore Ravens was a true show of what is to come whether the Cowboys face the Seattle Seahawks or some other team in the playoffs. This is a true team. They are doing what takes to make that big ole W come to life. If you have never witnessed a team like this, let me tell you this: no team in the current NFL since the Super Bowl merger has seen this happen. The 90’s team was great but this different. These Dallas Cowboys are doing something that is way beyond what any other team in NFL can even imagine. TWO rookies in the backfield are making huge things happen. A young offensive line is rolling over good and great defenses. What more can you ask for?

This team is showing that they want to win it all. Will they do it? That is a debate that will be coming every single week from this point forward. As for me, the answer is YES.

No more denying. No more hating. Even Stephen A. Smith is going to concede that this team is going the playoffs and he might even go as far as saying as, “Going to the Super Bowl”. Maybe he will or maybe he will forced to. Only time will tell.

Until next time, #DC4L

Romeo Rocha


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Tony Romo is Awesome!

I was not exactly shocked by what Tony Romo said in the press conference on Monday. I was more saddened and disappointed by the way it happened. TR has been with the Cowboys for over a decade and has put this team on his shoulders and literally broken his back for it. The haters can say what they want but I was a fan from the start and will continue to be a fan of TR whether he stays with the Cowboys or goes somewhere else or does whatever else.

Life can be such a bitch sometimes but it is what it is. No one says or ever will say that life is fair. We all know that. One thing for sure is that Tony Romo press conference speech was a great show of humility and team togetherness. No one in the NFL can deny that this Dallas Cowboys team does have something special going on here right now. It cannot be impeded by controversy and Romo did an extremely honorable thing with his concession.

With that being said, I think Colin Cowherd put it very close to how I feel about Tony Romo’s experience as a Dallas Cowboy.

Here is the full Tony Romo press conference video

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I was really busy yesterday and did not have time to write about how excited I am for this team. It’s been two days and I still cannot calm my excitement down. This Dallas Cowboys football team is NOT ONLY the real damn deal but also extremely impressive with it’s resiliency. That by itself is priceless. If this is what is to come for many years, then OMG…bring it on!!!

What a shocking victory on Sunday night! I was at a sports bar that had a few haters there and felt what we all felt. It was despair in the fourth quarter. The team played absolutely horrible until the fourth quarter. Dak Prescott was having the worst game of his rookie season. The haters were living it up…until Dak attack came alive in the fourth.

First, we have to give a big shot out to Rod Marinelli and the defense for giving the ‘Boys a chance to come back in the fourth. It was an amazing show of hustle. And Sean Lee…boy oh boy, he killed it. It’s kind of like the team woke up in the fourth quarter. This defense is not getting the props they deserve. Now, this other play may not count as a defensive play but it was an interception saving play. I’m talking about the offensive pass interference by Terrance Williams where Dak almost threw another pick in the end zone. Good save by Williams. This play could easily be called “getting lucky” but was it? This team is playing out of its mind right now so I can’t really call it luck.

Second, I like the risks Jason Garrett is making. In this game Garrett took a couple of risks that if they hadn’t worked, every fan would’ve been all over him. Most likely, asking questions like, “Why the hell would he do that?!?!?!” Well, there you go fans. His conservative play calling is out and his risk taking is paying off. We have seen it in past games. Remember the onside kick that didn’t work against the Redskins. Sometimes we win; sometimes we lose some of those risks. But, look at the payoff in the last game. Two major risks were taken: 1. Chris Jones fake punt and run for 30 yards. 2. 4th and 1 quarterback sneak that lead into game tying drive. This is what we should get to love about Jason Garrett this season because it is working and right now he’s got a team that is ALL IN.

The Eagles threw the kitchen AND kitchen sink at Dak and he definitely felt it. Their defense was confusing him and Dak dealt with it like a most rookies would except for one thing. He didn’t buckle under pressure and instead learned quickly and got his mojo back in time to give the team a chance for a W. There is no denying that this kid is special and I am sure glad he is on our team.

The Cowboys are going to have to deal with some injuries and because of the way the other players have stepped up, I’m not worried ‘bout it. But, I hope to have Mo’ and Church get better soon and make it back sooner than later.

Check out the video below. This is how we True Dallas Cowboys fans all feel. I lost my voice too. LOL.

Romeo Rocha


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This article goes out to the haters. They want, so badly, for this Dallas Cowboys team to be a nightmare they can wake up from. But, as we can all see, this ain’t happening. As for the haters that reported my Facebook page as spam or whatever, this is for you, too.

Before I get into this game, I have to get something off my mind. The Facebook fan page I had attached to this site was taken down recently and from what I learned, it was due to people (haters) reporting it for whatever reason. The timing of this is perfect for us, though. My wife and I are in Hawaii and have this great view of the ocean and deep green mountains and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. So, this gave us lots of time to chill without any worries about this, that, and the other. So, thank you. We will have another FB fan page up and running soon enough. Stay tuned.

Now, let’s get to the game. Is this a dream my fellow fans? No. Is this a season where the shit will hit the fan on any given Sunday? Yes. But, this team is for real and everyone in the NFL has been put on notice. There is no denying what Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have done in these last six games. They are, literally, creating unchartered territory for the entire NFL while breaking records and, most importantly, stacking up them Ws. Dem ‘Boys are sitting at the top of the NFC East with a one game lead ahead of the Washington Redskins. What more can we ask for in this almost complete first half of the season? Not a whole lot in my opinion. The Green Bay Packers were number one in rushing defense coming into this game. WERE. They have lost their place going down two spots to number three. They learned today that the Dallas Cowboys, the rushing attack and the Dak attack are the real damn deal! Hell, even the defense came through like they have been in the last 3-4 games. It was as exciting to watch the game as to know that YES, we have a great TEAM!


The defense keeps making plays and keeping the other teams at bay. The Dak attack and EzE offense keep laying down the law and this time did it in Lambeau Field. Cole Beasley has completely taken over as the number one receiver and still cannot be stopped. He is in BeasTley mode and we love every minute of it! And we have to give the ultimate credit to the badass offensive line. They are definitely the biggest reason for the Cowboys success in these wins.


There is this aroma in the air of a young, hungry team that wants to prove they are a contender week in, week out. They continue to play like they are and, I personally, do not see them slowing down.

With that being said, the only thing that can get in the way or stop the momentum is either Jerry Jones or the Cowboys coaching staff. We’ve seen this before but I believe this time is different. Y’all know what I’m talking about. The Dak over Tony or Tony over Dak argument is in full force and on major display. In all honesty, though, I think Dak should keep the spot. He is proving game in and game out that he is going to play lights out against good and great teams. The decision seems really easy but you never know how it will play out in the end. At this point, it seems like common sense to keep the winning team together as it is. Only time will tell what the decision will be but I’m sure the coaches are thinking along the same lines as most of us fans are.

Keep Dak in the game.

No matter the decision in the end, it will always be #DC4L.

Romeo Rocha

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