How it started

Jersey Champs is a clothing line that specializes in custom made jerseys that feature unique and impressive designs. It started in the college dorm room of Sean Kelly (owner) at Rutgers University in April 2016.

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Sean Kelly got his inspiration from being able to express oneself on a piece of clothing, a jersey in this case, which is unlike all other regular sports jerseys out there that feature the same generic designs. He also explained that at the time, there was no hip-hop artist or rapper selling jerseys out to their fans. His primary targets are college students and young adults, and none of his jerseys exceeds $60. He got inspired by this and now record labels, like OVO, have a design jersey line for artists like Lil Dicky, Young Thug, and more. In one of his numerous interviews, he stated: “I don’t run Jersey Champs for the money; I do it because I love it.”

Struggles faced by the company

As it is for every successful business, the major challenges faced by JerseyChamps are handling all orders and inquiries in a timely manner, responding to overwhelming messages and having shipments to complete on a weekly basis.

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While starting up, the business faced a lot of criticism from people who doubt it. However, the criticism served as motivation, and they are what brought the company to where it is today.

Artists and celebrities that wear JerseyChamps brand

The company has currently made custom jerseys for Logic, Cash Cash, Ab-Soul, Iman Shumpert, 21 Savage, Casey Veggies, Young Thug, Trigger Treach, Martavis Bryant, Darrelle Revis, Terrance Williams, Marshawn Lynch along with many other artists and athletes.

The company uses its Instagram page to reach out to artists and celebrities due to its massive following. However, its reputation is now widespread, and many of them tend to reach out to them.

What’s next for Jersey Champs?

The company just launched a “skyline series” that features major and important cities on jerseys with their skyline. So far, Skyline series for Chicago, Atlanta, Mexico City, Paris & London are now in the market. A lot more are coming too.

How the company responds to people’s choice and changes in market

Currently, Jersey Champs has a design team of one creative director and five graphic designers that create all the designs for the company. When unpredictable events like the results of a sports championship happens, the team of designers are always ready to get something unique out because at that time, the choice of the people will change, and the brands will be selling like candy. They are always aware of significant events like World Series, new albums and any other things trending in the sport and entertainment industry.

Long-term Goals of Jersey Champs

The long-term goal of the company is to directly work with all athletes, hip-hop artistes, and celebrities, to make unique jersey designs for them they can’t simply get anywhere else

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The current top sellers of Jersey Champs are Trump and Harambe Jerseys.

You can find Jersey Champs at

You can also find Jersey Champs on Instagram @jerseychampsllc

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