Here is the Ezekiel Elliott ESPN special

Ezekiel Elliott has been through quite a ride. He is now a Dallas Cowboy and has already shown the nation what he is about in only 7 carries in the third preseason game of 2016 against a stout Seatttle Seahawks defense. Be ready NFL. We are going to see lots of EzE.

Here is part of his story.

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Watch Dak Prescott College Highlights

This dude here could be the future we are watching.

We have to take into consideration the fact that he was a Heisman candidate at one point.

His highlights say a lot about his style of play and what to expect from him. As long as he stays coachable and learns from the legendary Tony Romo, then Dak Prescott is going to be a great addition and reliable backup until his time comes. Who knows, it may be this season.

Watch out NFC East and NFL…here comes the BOOM!

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