Dak Prescott vs Carson Wentz battle is going to be epic for years to come.

It seems like with the timing of all the current news in the NFC East, that something new is happening. Pieces are in place with, what could be considered, the bitterest rivalry in the NFC East of what could be many years of a QB war. No one saw this coming. Here it is. New eras have emerged in two franchises.

Two rookie QBs having great first outings. One playing ONLY division opponents, the other playing non-divisional opponents and probably the two worst teams in the league (one could argue). The comparisons are similar but, of course, the circumstances are different. Buckle up y’all, it’s gonna get good!

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Dak Prescott or Tony Romo?

Dak Prescott or Tony Romo?

Normally I cannot stand Stephen A Smith but on this First Take episode he makes a great point about staying the course with rookie sensation and current Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. Max Kellerman makes a great point on rookie QBs and how the odds are stacked against them plus a great point on Tony Romo.

This, of course, is if Prescott can start and keep the W’s column adding up. If not, it’ll be an easy call for the coaches.

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Tyler Clutts, Cowboys’ former fullback, talks about the current Dallas Cowboys situation.

Clutts was on the team last season and helped Demarco Murray bulldoze through opponent’s defenses in 2014. Today he sits down at Open Mike to talk about the situation at QB and RB and has some great things to say about the team.

Check it out

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