Tony Romo is Awesome!

I was not exactly shocked by what Tony Romo said in the press conference on Monday. I was more saddened and disappointed by the way it happened. TR has been with the Cowboys for over a decade and has put this team on his shoulders and literally broken his back for it. The haters can say what they want but I was a fan from the start and will continue to be a fan of TR whether he stays with the Cowboys or goes somewhere else or does whatever else.

Life can be such a bitch sometimes but it is what it is. No one says or ever will say that life is fair. We all know that. One thing for sure is that Tony Romo press conference speech was a great show of humility and team togetherness. No one in the NFL can deny that this Dallas Cowboys team does have something special going on here right now. It cannot be impeded by controversy and Romo did an extremely honorable thing with his concession.

With that being said, I think Colin Cowherd put it very close to how I feel about Tony Romo’s experience as a Dallas Cowboy.

Here is the full Tony Romo press conference video

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Sadly, I agree with Stephen A Smith on Jerry Jones.

Yes folks. Stephen A. Smith, the biggest Cowboys hater on planet Earth, is on the Dak-wagon. The Dallas Cowboys have a problem that so many teams WISH they had. But, the good thing is that there is no drama about it, as of now.

The biggest issue hanging on the line is…momentum. Do the Dallas Cowboys break it by starting Tony Romo in week 8 if they win against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday? As a fan I say NO! But, if Jerry Jones decides to break it, then we have to deal with it. But, If the Cowboys lose on Sunday, then what? That is the question that will loom if the ‘Boys walk out of Lambeau field with an L.


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