In a game that started off really bad, the Cowboys bounce back to defeat the 49ers.

First of all, I am so damn happy the Cowboys beat the 49ers. Every time the ‘Boys play San Fran I hope to win big but a W is W and against a conference rival, it’s a whole lot better.

Now let us get on to the Dallas Cowboys win. First off, the entire team started off horrible. The first quarter showed a team that was completely off balance and it was not pretty at all. The defense was getting gashed with runs and through the air. It looked like the game was over before it even got started and Cowboys fans were in for a long day. The offense couldn’t get any kind of momentum and Dan Bailey even missed another field goal. This was all in the first quarter, though.

In the second quarter things did get better. The offense started clicking and scoring. Dak started with a touchdown pass to Terence Williams and then with 12 seconds left another touchdown pass to Brice Butler. From that point forward, it was on.

The second half started with a defensive stop that led to a 49er field goal. Then Ezekiel Elliott started his rock n rolling that led to another touchdown by him. The team, in general, got off to a much better start and best of all, kept the momentum on their side.

By this time the defense had awaken and started to hold the 49ers on every play. Good job for the defense today and another good game for Claiborne. The second half included a Morris Claiborne interception that led to the final points of the game with a Dan Bailey field goal. Again, good job for the defense today. After the defense did its job it led to a Zack Martin jiggy dance right before the victory formation which was too funny!

This game was, for Dak Prescott, a show of resiliency and determination to win. By now the NFL has taken notice of this rookie that is on his way to breaking records held by many different great QBs of the past and present. To top it off, his main running back is making big moves and increasing in numbers and production. It also shows a defense that is coming together but still dealing with obvious issues. Hopefully the return of Demarcus Lawrence gets things going on the pass rush. Either way, this is a great sign of great things to come for our team this season and into the future.

The talk that has been going on by analysts in recent weeks is: Will Tony Romo get his job back once he is cleared to play? The simple answer is yes and that is what the Cowboys staff feels and says now. But, if Dak keeps winning in the next two games, that answer gets really muddy and cloudy and gray.

The next two games are against Cincinnati and Green Bay and these two teams are not nearly as bad as the bears or the 49ers. It will be a much truer test for Dak and company and even more of a test for the defense. Right now the hope is high in Dallas and for good reason. The ‘Boys have two rookies doing it big and that in itself is exciting to think about.

I don’t ever buy rookie jerseys in their first season and until they have proved themselves. Well, for the first time ever for me, it’s time for me and you to get your Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott jerseys!!! These ‘Boys are the real damn deal and are here to stay for a long while!!!

Get excited fans, the ‘Boys are back!!!!

Romeo Rocha


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On this debate, Skip and Shannon discuss who will win between Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott and San Francisco 49ers QB Blaine Gabbert.

I did not know how much of a Dallas Cowboys hater Shannon is of the Cowboys but he is. It seems pretty hard core, too. Skip lets him have it but not without Shannon making it known how much he hates the Cowboys.

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Just to get it out of the way, the Chicago Bears team was playing with so many backups and even backups to backups. The game could have been more even if they had Jay Cutler playing at quarterback but he was out, too.

Now that I’ve put it out there, where should I start? Oh yeah, dat boy Dak! This kid is on a roll and, in just these first three games, we have seen improvements in his game. He is still lacking the deep throw threat but I think it is coming around as he gets more comfortable with the speed of the game. His calm attitude in every play is the talk of the town and for good reason. It’s a rare site for a rookie QB to act and play like he is, especially for the Dallas Cowboys. Playing for America’s Team alone is pressure enough to make any rookie QB tremble and be mistake prone. But, he’s got this and every analyst and talking head sees it. We all see the future for our team forming right before our eyes.

And while we talking about rookies – how ‘bout Ezekiel Elliott? He is also hitting his form and learning his patience to hit holes. In his first game with over 100 yards, he goes for 140. Hopefully, we get to see more games with similar numbers. Once the offensive line and EzE get in full sync…oh boy! It’s going to be really fun to watch while (expectantly) stacking up W’s. He is speedy and tough and looks like he will be a monster soon enough. And this is with an o-line that hasn’t quite been pro-bowl form…yet.

Two rookies behind the o-line are doing big things in big D. That brings me to the defense. This is a sore spot for fans because we are not expecting much from a defense that has an absent pass rush. But, surprise, surprise, the ‘Boys are not at the bottom of the barrel, so far. As of today, they sit at 22 in total defense and 10 at rushing defense. This rushing stat is a bit of a surprise because the d-line is has so many missing key players. If the rush defense can stay at or above this level, the Cowboys fans are in for a great surprise after those missing key players make their way back into the line. The addition of Lawrence, (R) Tapper, and Scandrick at CB will only help solidify the defense and the team, in general. Marinelli has tough personnel problems to deal with and I think he’s done great with what he has to work with. You can see them hustling hard to every play but, there is still too many bad tackles. Let’s hope that gets better as the season goes on.

The upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers has some interesting tones to it because the total defense is slightly better than the ‘Boys. The pass defense is at 14 but the rush defense is on the low end sitting at 23. So, on paper, it looks like another field day for Zeke. The air could be troublesome for our rookie QB but I have a good feeling about him making plays happen with his feet if the pocket breaks down or he gets chased out.

The Dallas Cowboys are in a good place right and I hope they can build on it with more W’s.

Romeo Rocha


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Dak Prescott vs Carson Wentz battle is going to be epic for years to come.

It seems like with the timing of all the current news in the NFC East, that something new is happening. Pieces are in place with, what could be considered, the bitterest rivalry in the NFC East of what could be many years of a QB war. No one saw this coming. Here it is. New eras have emerged in two franchises.

Two rookie QBs having great first outings. One playing ONLY division opponents, the other playing non-divisional opponents and probably the two worst teams in the league (one could argue). The comparisons are similar but, of course, the circumstances are different. Buckle up y’all, it’s gonna get good!

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