The NFL Football 2014-15 season is over and, as a Cowboys fan, I am (as we probably all are) truly disappointed with the ending. Even though the Cowboys had a great run this last season, I can’t help but wonder what would’ve been had they beat the GB Packers. With the past season aside, its time to now focus on the next season and what we, as fans, can expect.

First, the team now has a great defensive foundation to build on. The offense has been great for the last several years but, now, with a great defensive coordinator at the helm, we should see a hustling defense become a hustling and tougher all-around defense. We can expect Demarcus Law to be really into his position now that he has some experience and will, hopefully, stay healthy throughout OTA’s and pre-season. Another expectation is for the secondary to be stronger. Even if it’s just a minimal improvement, it will be a noticeable one. Sean Lee will also be back and, if he can stay healthy for an entire season, will cause trouble for opposing offenses. The other defensive veterans (the ones that stay around after free agency and the draft) will be stronger and better able to deal with making fewer mistakes than this last season.

On the offensive side, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant along with Demarco Murray have built an extremely well coordinated, amazing triad. If that trio keeps up the work they put in together with Jason Witten and that awesome front line, we can certainly expect this offense to be damn good once again if not better. Absolutely we want better but, if we get what we got last season, then I will definitely not be dissatisfied with that. Let us not forget about the up and comers – Terrance Williams and Cole Beasely. These ‘Boys did some great damage and we should expect the same or better from them two, as well.

Finally, the coaching staff did a great job with very little mistakes compared to years before. Both the offense and defense coaches worked hard and made sure they stuck to game plans and it was not only impressive but also exciting to see the coaching at work. Most of the coaches are coming back, which is great to hear because it means the ‘Boys will have a great infrastructure and one that they are already accustomed to.

The Dallas Cowboys are already looking good offensively and if the defense can get he help (player wise) they need then, looking forward we can expect a much better team on both sides of the ball. This team will not only be a playoff contending team but also a team that will have Super Bowl winning potential.

Here’s to great expectations for a new season!

By: R. Rocha

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