When Dak Prescott became a Dallas Cowboy, he had already gone through more than most people go through at his age at the time. Successful college career, successful high school career, and, most of all, the passing of his mother. You might get a little teary-eyed when you watch this but it’s a great showing of our Cowboys quarterback.

Definitely glad he’s on our team!


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Tony Romo interesting facts you probably didn’t know.

With Tony Romo retiring, here is a cool video that shows 20 facts about him that some or most fans might not know. There was quite a few I didn’t know and some of these are personal facts.

This is nice little tribute to him in light of recent events.



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It’s hard to believe (a little bit), but Tony Romo retirement is real.

Early this morning the tweet came in from Adam Schefter announcing a Tony Romo retirement. He followed with something about following a career in broadcasting.


Here is a video montage from NFL.com of his comebacks throughout his years as a Dallas Cowboy

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If you haven’t heard of him, this is Dallas Cowboys’ biggest superfan. He literally has a museum…and it’s in his house. His name is Stoney Kirsh and he has thousands of Dallas Cowboys memorabilia all over his house and outside of his house. Wait til you see the city!


This also includes vehicles among other things.

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Plain and simply put, the Dallas Cowboys were not supposed to be there today. They lost Tony Romo in preseason. Then they lost backup Kellen Moore. In comes Dak Prescott, a rookie. What now?

Fast forward to today.

The Dallas Cowboys were supposed to win tonight. They were well rested. They had a clear advantage at home.

But, none of that matters now. Aaron Rodgers pulled  magic out of his hat and deflated the season high ride that we fans were on.

It was a great run but, of course, it hurts to lose when things look so great. But, that’s the NFL. You win, you lose, you move on.

On a really good note, though, the Dallas Cowboys have an even better foundation to work with. Two young guns in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are behind a young offensive line. Young players all over the roster that include: Byron Jones, Anthony Brown, and don’t forget Jaylon Smith. The draft class of 2016 ended up being one of the best in history because of Zeke, Dak, Brown, and J Smith (if he turns out to be a beast). We all know that defense needs work. I’m sure they will address that this offseason.

I hope they go after pass rushers and MOSTLY defense in the next draft class/offseason free agency. It is obvious that that’s where the help is needed. The defense did great with what it had but if a stable of pass rushers was added, this team could decimate its opponents next season. Only time will tell if this new era of Dallas Cowboys will win championships but the infrastructure and mind set is the there for this team to build on.

I will be here no matter what because, like all of you, I am a True #DC4L fan.

Romeo Rocha

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